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Level 1 - Designing and Selling 3D Villas and Site Plan of Cocowa Island


The Cocowa Island consists of five residential areas and a city center. Covering most of the southern coast of the island, Shuge Villas [1], are the first part to be put on the market. Afterwards first Jumar Villas [2] and then Dashae Villas [3], Aldaz Villas [4] and Samnas Villas [5] will be put up for sale. Finally, the city center and port area [6] will be put up for sale and the project will be completed.


Each region will be published as an independent collection.


Each collection will go on sale after half of the previous collection has been sold and 4 months after previous phase release. 


[1] Phase 1 - Shuge Villas

[2] Phase 2 - Jumar Villas

[3] Phase 3 - Dashae Villas


[4] Phase 4 - Aldaz Villas

[5] Phase 5 - Samnas Villas

[6] Phase 6 - City Center


Level 2 - 3D Modeling of the Island Landscape and Make Accessible from Website.

After Level 1 is completed, the Cocowa Island's landscape will be modeled and available on the website with all phases. You will be able to hanging around the island and access your villa on your site, if not, you will be able to visit the city center or the public areas and participate in activities.


Level 3 - Self Furnishing Opportunity to Owners and VR Integration

After level 2 is completed, villa owners will be able to use the products they bought from the market to decorate their villas. For this purpose, a comprehensive online store will be opened in the city center and sales will be made there. VR integration works will be completed in a short time and will be presented to the villa owners.

Level 4 - Integration Other Lands in Metaverse

Connection to other lands in the metaverse will be established after level 3 is completed. Various partnership agreements will be made regarding this connection.

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